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Being Green Equals Saving Green





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  1. stephanielavelle

    Having your Facebook profile as public can lead to multiple problems as anyone throughout the world can access your profile and see your personal information. One of the major problems of social networking is you actually do not know if the profile picture is the person as there are multiple fake Facebook profiles.
    On my Facebook profile, I do not provide a lot of personal information, as I do not need “friends” that I have met once have my contact numbers or know where I live. I only provide my birth date, where I attend school, and where I went to high school.
    One of the issues with the Internet is once you post a picture; it is there forever even if you delete the image. This can cause issues when wanting to apply for jobs where employees can go through your Facebook to see what type of person they may hire.
    I believe when posting images or comments on Facebook, users should take into consideration what does the picture and/or comment say about your identity when someone is basing their opinion of you from a Facebook profile.

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