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The comments I received from my initial blog post regarding the Internet showed similarities. The idea of your personal information and posts can in fact be seen by the public is concerning was commented on again. Having your Facebook profile setting as private does not give you total privacy. The employees of Facebook do monitor the profiles in which they can access all your information and see what you post. However, they are the public, they are the people who you do not know that you are attempting to hide your personal information and posts from. This I realize to be ironic. You go through all these various steps, processes and cautionary measures to keep your information and posts private however, the hundreds of employees of Facebook can easily access all this information and you would not even know it.

One comment stated “one of the major problems of social networking is you actually do not know if the profile picture is the person as there are multiple fake Facebook profiles”. This is another valid issue that I did not consider. A reality television show on MTV called “Cat Fish” is a show that demonstrates that there are lots of these “fake” Facebook profiles. They follow individuals who have started a relationship within someone online that they have never met. When they finally meet up the individual is usually shocked because they person that have been chatting to and are in an online relationship with is not who they say they are. Sometimes they are different ages, body types, hair colour, and genders and even with fake names as well. This just shows that an issue of the fake Facebook is out there.

The issue regarding information stuck in the World Wide Web forever was a common topic in the comments. Once an individual posts a picture it is online forever. This picture (if bad) could be harmful to you, career and other aspects of life. When applying for a job some employers will check your Facebook to get a sense of what kind of person you are. If an employer sees things like swearing, drunk pictures and disrespect on your Facebook profile they will automatically assume what kind of person you are, without even meeting you. Thus, your Facebook profile does in fact develop and construct yourself identity and ho others perceive you. This can go both ways. If you profile is filled with pictures of family, flowers and nice inspirational posts then your employee will take that into account in your hiring process. Lastly, to resolve this automatic perception of your self-identity one can consider all privacy settings on to limit the information shown. Also, I find the new trend on Facebook is to make your last name your middle name to avoid employers finding your Facebook.

Thus, the comments received were very similar to my initial blog post, however they have assist me in furthering my discussion on this topic and exploring areas I did not consider to.

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