Summative Blog: Cultural Production & New Media

The comments made were awesome. Blogger “janbee” purposed an interesting question:  “Is it realistic to expect them [production companies] to lighten access restrictions to content that they spent a lot of time and money to create just so that someone can sit behind their home computer and spin it into something new at no cost”? There must be a balance between recouping costs and unrestricted costs. Yes I agree that production companies spend all this time and money to produce this cultural product, however if this product is too expensive for the consumer to purchase, then no one will purchase it. It is not realistic for the production companies to lighten access restrictions to their content, nevertheless there can be a comprise created between the producer and the consumer. For example, the movie website Netflix has an agreement with its producers (movie companies) to allow their consumer to view their movies on their website. However, as a consumer you must agree of their terms of conditions and pay a monthly price to access these videos. Also, these movies do not have the capability to be downloaded and shared from this website. Keeping the restrictions fair for both producer and consumer. Allowing these fair restrictions ensures that both parties are happy. This should be evident more throughout the cultural products offer, especially online.

            The blogger “jdibiase18” opened my eyes to the copyright issues regarding movies that are remade and remixed. In today’s society movie production industry there are very few 10% original movies that get produced and released every year. Normally the movies released are remakes of older movies, movies from the 1950-70s. This allows the producer to use new more ‘hip’ actors, increase the quality of video, affects and technology. All this is used to their advantage however, this movie is breaking the copyright laws. Even though this is a new movie with its own copyright laws, it has been influenced heavily by the original first movie the remake is made from. Aspects that are influenced could range from clothes worn by the actors, personality of the characters, scene selection and many more. This was a very interesting view on the copyright laws within the movies production industry. 


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