Comments regarding: New media, Piracy

The comments received from fellow bloggers did not surprise me but instead furthered my interest into this discussion regarding piracy. I recommended the idea of changing the file types that music companies use to distribute songs, however Blogger mcgip comments that hackers and gurus will continuously alter this hacking protocols to meet these new file types. mcgip states “the Wikileaks organization proves that nothing on the Internet, not even government documents, cannot be hacked”. These hackers have a job to hack certain items from music files to other such documents, nevertheless just like a professor is great at teaching others a hacker is good at hacking anything. Wikileaks demonstrates how this action of hacking is trouble. They hack government documents in which could cause national security issues and usually leads to some sort of uproar or hardship. Similar to the piracy industry hacking is a part of our daily lives; people get their online banking hacked into, their email, and viruses on their Facebook or Twitter. Secondly, I agree with jdibiase18 in the Bloggers opinion; “In my opinion, there are worse things in this world that we should worry about”. Piracy is not the huge issues here. I firmly believe these online resources and time put fourth to locate and punish consumes that pirate music and even movies are resources and time poorly spent. Other more important issues and crimes are occurring that would greatly benefit from these resources and time, such as identity fraud. In my opinion when an individual steals an innocent persons identity for the purpose of gain goods, services and money trumps over an individuals actions to download music or a movie off the Internet. The interesting note here is that there are more dangerous and harmful crimes that need the authorities full attention rather then this attention towards piracy. 


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