New form of Citizen Journalism

 In my opinion having an increase in new opportunities does in fact encourage me to participate directly in citizen journalism. I have always enjoyed reading academics articles on topics that interest me, nevertheless I confronted an issue with writing academic articles; they bored me. With the increase of other technology and programs that allows participates to partake in journalism easier provides an advantage. These opportunities are in a form of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These websites allow it’s participate to easily post and discuss topics. “Open, networked digital media tools challenge the individualistic, top-down ideology of traditional journalism while services like Twitter question a news culture based on individual expert systems over knowledge-sharing” (Hermida, 2012, p.659). Traditional journalism is being pushed to the side while social media is acting as a journalism output. For example, Facebook has various topic pages that an individual can post their feelings, thoughts and comments on particular discussion board. Yes it is not a formal or direct action of journalism, but with these new opportunities in social media they begin to be a form of journalism.

Further discussion regarding using social media to engage in citizen journalism perceives to be a positive outreach for breaking news. Of course television channels such as news channels are still the number one out source for breaking news. However, the increase of the use of Twitter to distribute breaking news is an ongoing and increasing action. This form of citizen journalism is one I take part in. Issues regarding missing children, storm watches or weather alerts are re-tweeted millions of time to get the message out to those who need it. “This, then, leads to further users encountering such information (and such hashtags), and a proportion of these users will again become active in seeking and sharing additional information, as well as in retweeting the material already shared by their predecessors; as a result, coverage of the event, and its corresponding hashtag(s), gain prominence on Twitter as a whole as well as in the update feeds received by individual Twitter participants from the users they follow” (Burns and Highfield, 2013, p.14).

In the module we had to create a story on Storify. I had no idea what to expect, because I had never used this website or in fact never even heard of it. However, this website is amazing. When searching for my topic throughout its search engines for Google, Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more I found news articles and academies discussion that I did not expect to find. This is another opportunities for an individual to participate in citizen journalism. 



Hermida, A. (2012). TWEETS AND TRUTH: Journalism as a discipline of collaborative verificationJournalism Practice. 6:5-6, p659-668.

Bruns, A. & T. Highfield. (2012). Blogs, Twitter, and breaking news: The produsage of citizen journalism. pre-publication draft on personal site []. Published in: Lind, R. A. ed. (2012). Produsing Theory in a Digital World: The Intersection of Audiences and Production. New York: Peter Lang. p15-32.


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  1. When reading your blog post, I couldn’t help but chuckle when you said that writing academic articles bore you. I completely agree! Nothing bores me more. I love this class because it allows us to be ourselves. I completely agree that new social media has increased the amount of opportunity to engage in journalism. Even though journalism is more formal and requires accurate information, it still allows for collaboration and opinions to be expressed. No matter what, bias is always present.

    I have also used Twitter as a means to learn about breaking news. In my own post, I spoke about how I used Twitter to learn about more of the developments in the Tim Bosma case, and I even tweeted and re-tweeted content pertaining to the case (with appropriate hastags). While social media sites may not be completely accurate when providing information, there is not doubt that it has increased the amount we partake in citizen journalism/activism. Great post!

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