Summative Post: New form of CItizen Journalism

I discovered that the World Wide Web (Internet) has created some positive opportunities for participates who in which would like to express their feelings, opinions and thoughts. I agree with the comments that stated how this class COMM 2F00 lets us be ourselves in our blog posts. Usually courses look down on this, instead would like its student to sound boring like an academic article. However, I have learned that articles that are more personally are easier to read and relate to. This increases the about of citizen journalism on the Internet. When an individual has the opportunity to relate to an article the outcome is that they themselves continue to discuss their feelings in relation to this article. In which I believe the increasing amount of social media does in fact increase the amount of citizen journalism there is on the Internet. Blogger jdibiase18 stated that “No matter what, bias is always present”. I never throughout about the biasness behind these posted created and blogged by citizen journalism. Citizen journalism is great but if the information is bias then it contradicts the article. Since citizen journalism is based on individual’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and opinions, then yes most of these articles will be in a bias manner. So is citizen journalism really that important to have? Now I am asking myself this question after reading the comments. This is an interesting issue. Bias is never good in any aspects of journalism, either citizen of academic. This can created a different, negative or wrong outlook of an issue. In my opinion, I rather have fewer articles with bias in them then more citizen journalism.
            Secondly I believe that twitter and other social media websites can be used in a positive way in relation to breaking news stories. This was also agreed with in my comments and that did not surprise me. I was born in 1992, and our generation is defiantly dependent on technology. That’s why social media would be a great tool to use for breaking new stories for example, serve weather alerts, amber alerts and other important issues.


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