My topic for this Storify article was concerning decreasing water levels around the world. This decline of water levels is a direct result of over consumption of water. As the population increases the amount of water consumed also increase, which results in a decrease in the amount of water and water levels around the globe. I displayed different locations such as United States of American, Egypt, Peru and Canada; especially the Great Lakes. This is clearly decreasing in all parts of the world. As the water decreases our food supply (fish and sea creatures) died which presents a negative outcome. The lack of fish affects the economy especially for local fish industries. The most important issue from the decreasing of water levels is the fact that this includes our freshwater supply. Without freshwater we would not have drinking water, water to shower in, water to fill our pools and so on. Regardless, over consumption of water is affecting almost everyone in this world and must be addressed in order to reverse the negative outcomes. The developed countries are the main consumers such as China, United States of America and Canada. The obviously solution is to maintain the worlds ever increasing population but that is next to impossible. However, the second solution is reasonable, in which decreasing our daily water consumption will limit how much water is used per person.
            I choose this topic for my Storify because it is an ongoing problem and affects not just us but the entire world. It surprises me that most people do not know how important and endangered our fresh water resource is. Our population takes advantage and takes for granted our freshwater supply, especially in developed countries. For example, in Canada we have a large amount of fresh water, which allows us to take showers, water our gardens, wash our cars, fill our pools, and more water related activities. However, comparing a developed countries situation to an undeveloped country is another story. Undeveloped countries get by with just little to no water, in which this water is dirty and filled with diseases. In my opinion the developed countries of the world are the leading examples and causes of this decreasing water levels. These countries must realize the stress they are putting on the Earth and our precious fresh water resource. Once this resource is gone its gone forever.


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